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Kiwanis Adventure Runs

"AcceptingAc the challenge in 2022"

Accepting the challenge in 2023

The Course in Pictures

Registration area.    Finish Line

Start Area

Trail After Start Osprey Trail East

Osprey Trail East just before turn to Osprey Trail West

Have to stay away from the eagle nest

North on Osprey Trail West

Near end North end of Osprey Trail West

If it rains there will be water and slippery mud

The northern Point of Osprey Trail

Connector to Pelican Trail

Northern part Pelican Trail

South on Pelican Trail

Southern end of Pelican Trail

Pelican Trail junction with Osprey Trail

Southern portion Osprey Trail West

Almost back to Playground Area

Half way! Passing the Playground, on to the Beach Course

To the beach!

Rocks. We have beach rocks.

We clear them. Nature gives them back

Hard packed sand

Seaweed after a storm

Beach turn around point

Finish line area

Recent Photos